Proven Leader. Lifelong Texan and Tireless Fighter for Our Community.

A lifelong Texan, nonprofit leader, and outspoken advocate for our communities, Rita is the kind of bold leader we need fighting for us in the Texas State Senate. As a trusted, no-nonsense family attorney for 35 years, Board Member of the Texas Civil Rights Project, the Houston Area Women’s Center, and Former Board Chair of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Rita has dedicated her career to standing up for Texans and is ready to bring that experience to deliver solutions for our community in Austin.

Map of Texas State Senate District 17

Fighting for the Issues That Matter

For too long Texas politicians have put party politics and a political agenda that disproportionately favors big corporations and political donors above the interests of a healthier and more productive Texas. As a result:

  • Texas is consistently at the bottom in per-pupil expenditures, ranking 45th in overall education equity and 49th in percentage of citizens with a high school diploma;
  • Texas has the highest rate of adults without healthcare insurance in the country and is considered the 11th worst state for health care in terms of cost, accessibility, and outcome;
  • Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate among states and most developed nations;
  • Texas is one of the five worst states when it comes to racial equality and ranks 42nd in gender equality. Not only is that unfair but it hinders our ability to attract new businesses to Texas;
  • Texas ranks dead last in infrastructure in terms of renewable energy and road and bridge quality. Green energy jobs are the future but Texas is missing opportunities.

With a history of advocacy and deep understanding of how the Texas Legislature is failing Texans, Rita is ready to take that experience to stand up for our communities and fight for real solutions in Austin.

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