//Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change

Acting sensibly to combat the negative effects of climate change here on the Gulf Coast.

Climate change is the number one threat of our time and impacts every aspect of life in Texas. Despite the controversy surrounding climate science, there is broad consensus within the scientific community that climate change is real and, if left unchecked, will have a significant negative impact on communities around the globe, including in the United States and here in Texas.

I support a broad array of policies and incentives to promote efficiency, conservation and renewable energy in the absence of federal action expanding use of renewable energy while becoming less dependent on coal and other fossil fuels, increasing vehicle fuel efficiency standards and encouraging electric vehicle purchase, and improving oversight of the Texas Railroad Commission to enforce public safeguards to reduce methane leaks from pipelines.

Obviously combating the human contributions to climate change should be our number one priority every session, but in the 2019 session there will be a greater emphasis on Texas after Harvey. Because the storm and its effects are going to be in the spotlight, I will want to make sure we address the environmental and public health damage done due to the poor oversight of the TCEQ, and the EPA, before and after the storm (the Arkema release, San Jacinto River waste pits, etc). As we know, the Texas Legislature does not provide robust oversight, nor sufficient funding of the agency that is supposed to monitor and enforce environmental standards.

Finally, in addition to the environmental effects of Harvey, another issue that deeply concerns me is our ability to protect citizens and create our own environmental standards at the local level, and the increasing attacks by the Texas Legislature on local-control. Environmental issues must be addressed on a case-by-case basis, not a one-size-fits-all approach. If elected I will fight to protect local control as most efficient and effective way for local governments to address issues that affect its citizenry and preserve natural resources.

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