Restoring a government that is reflective of and responsive to the people it represents by promoting transparency and accountability.

Our current State Senator has repeatedly been the focus of ethical questions and concerns.

In 2015, Joan Huffman added an amendment to an ethics bill that was a priority of Governor Greg Abbott. The Huffman amendment was so problematic to the goals of the bill that Greg Abbott vetoed his own ethics legislation.

Recently, Joan Huffman was accused of intervening in an investigation by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission into one of the businesses owned by her and her husband.

When public officials disregard conflicts of interest, file self-serving legislation and abuse their power it undermines our faith in government and suppresses civic engagement.

No elected official is above the law. I believe that officeholders must adhere to the highest ethical standards and be accountable to taxpayers by avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest, which is why that if elected, I will fight for greater transparency in the financial disclosure process of elected officials and oversight in how public funds are used, and in many cases abused.

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