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Gun Safety

Supporting common-sense gun safety measures to keep our schools, communities, and children safe from the threat of gun violence while respecting the Constitution and Second Amendment rights.

As a lawyer the U.S. Constitution is precious to me, including the Second Amendment. I respect and will fight to protect the right of responsible gun owners to possess firearms, but I also believe the Second Amendment can coexist with common-sense gun safety solutions.

I believe that taking action against the gun violence and school shootings that have become all too common in this country by supporting Red Flag laws is the first step to protecting our students and communities.  These laws would prevent individuals determined by a court, with full due process protections, to have the potential to cause themselves or others serious harm from purchasing, possessing, or attempting to purchase or possess any type of firearm.

I am proud to support a comprehensive approach to uphold and respect our fundamental constitutional rights while protecting the rights of Texans from those seeking to cause harm. I believe a background check should be required for every gun sale and loopholes closed. I don’t believe that weapons of war should be readily available to any person who wants one and can find a private seller on Craigslist. I believe permitting laws, which provided some safeguards, must be strengthened, not abolished. I don’t believe that allowing guns to be possessed and carried on college campuses makes our young adults safer. And I believe if you need a magazine of 100 rounds to hunt deer, you need to find a new sport! The statistics show that these sorts of sensible gun regulations are what the majority of Texans and Americans want.

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