Solving our public school funding crisis so we meet the promise of a quality education for all Texans and teachers are properly paid.

Even as total state spending has risen, state spending per student has fallen dramatically. A skilled, educated workforce is essential to our prosperity as a state – We must fix our outdated school funding formulas, start paying teachers what they deserve, close the billion dollar property tax loopholes that disproportionately benefit large, out-of-state commercial operators, and properly fund our public schools once and for all.  

The Texas Supreme Court ruled our current public education funding system constitutional….barely.  That isn’t good enough for me and it isn’t good enough for Texas! 

Because of the state’s failure to pay its share of public school funding, our property taxes keep going up, while our children’s schools get less and less – even as student enrollment, needs, and expectations rise. For decades State Senate Republicans have decimated our state’s share of public education spending while deflecting blame for property taxes that only continue to go up for homeowners. The result? Texas ranks 45th in the nation for education.

Solving our public school funding crisis is my top priority as candidate for state senate. Every day I talk to voters throughout the district and hear the same thing: year after year, even while property taxes increase exponentially, their public schools are still being squeezed of the funding they deserve. Texas has an education crisis and local public schools deserve protection from a senator who cares about education.

If elected, one of the first actions I would take up is ensuring the state pays its fair share and stop diverting state resources at the expense of 5 million children in Texas school districts.

Every child should be provided the opportunity to succeed – not just a select few. I’m proud to support:

  • Upholding the promise enshrined in the Texas Constitution that guarantees the right to a suitable free public education for all Texas children;
  • Closing the achievement gap so minority and economically disadvantaged Texas students have an equal opportunity to succeed;
  • Opposing vouchers to divert public tax money for private and religious schools;
  • Adjusting the funding formulas to lessen the impact of “Robin Hood” recapture on local school districts;
  • Expanding access to high-quality pre-Kindergarten for Texas families.
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