Supporters and Endorsements

Our campaign has earned the support of Texas’ most trusted leaders, advocates, and former and current elected officials — and the list keeps growing:

Houston Chronicle Editorial Board (Primary Endorsement)

Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter

Planned Parenthood Texas Votes

Texas State Teachers Association

Texas AFT

Houston AFT

Harris County Young Democrats (Primary Endorsement)

Our Revolution Harris County

Communication Workers of America Local 622

Coalition of Police & Sheriffs Local 911

Plumbers Local Union 68

I.B.E.W. Local Union 716

Harris County Labor Assembly COPE, AFL-CIO

Moms Demand Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

Ellen Cohen, Houston City Council Member, District C

Anne Sung, HISD Board of Trustees, District 7

Richard Morrison, Former Fort Bend County Commissioner, District 1

Renee Mathew Fort Bend County Precinct 4110 Chair

Rohit Milstein Fort Bend County Precinct 4049 Chair

Tom Vinson Harris County Precinct 0281Chair

Dennis Bascon Harris County Precinct 178 Chair

John Joiner Harris County Precinct 569 Chair

Alan Luckey Harris County Precinct 316 Chair

Melissa Rodgers Harris County Precinct 558 Chair

Tom Gederberg Harris County Precinct 933 Chair

Laurie McGill Harris County Precinct 176 Chair

Alan Guttman Harris County Precinct 403 Chair

Laura Nicol Harris County Precinct 483 Chair

Veronica Nassar Harris County Precinct 182 Chair

Carol Wheeler Harris County Precinct 362 Chair

Melanie Oldham Brazoria County Precinct 17 Chair

Mike Nichols Former Board Chair, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

Susan Kennedy Former Board Chair, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

Wendy Kelsey Former Board Chair, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

Karen George Former Board Chair, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

Debra Kerner, SD17 SDEC Committeewoman and former Harris County Department of Education Trustee

Howard Jefferson, Member NAACP National Board of Directors; Former President, NAACP Houston

Gene Wu, Texas State Representative, District 137