Rita Lucido

On the Issues


Promoting smart infrastructure projects to manage the threat of flooding and demanding the state does its part when disaster strikes. Hurricane Harvey, the Tax and Memorial Day floods, and more recently the Fourth of July [...]


Solving our public school funding crisis so we meet the promise of a quality education for all Texans and teachers are properly paid. Even as total state spending has risen, state spending per student has [...]

Health Care

Expanding access to quality, affordable health care while bringing down insurance premiums. I believe that Texas can be healthier and that belief will be an over-riding goal for my work in the Texas Senate. [...]

Gun Safety

Supporting common-sense gun safety measures to keep our schools, communities, and children safe from the threat of gun violence while respecting the Constitution and Second Amendment rights. As a lawyer the U.S. Constitution is [...]


Restoring a government that is reflective of and responsive to the people it represents by promoting transparency and accountability. Our current State Senator has repeatedly been the focus of ethical questions and concerns. In 2015, [...]


Fighting for a seat at the table when Congressional and State Legislative districts are re-drawn in 2021, and supporting the establishment of an independent redistricting commission to safeguard our elections. The discriminatory effect of Texas [...]

Environment and Climate Change

Acting sensibly to combat the negative effects of climate change here on the Gulf Coast. Climate change is the number one threat of our time and impacts every aspect of life in Texas. Despite the [...]